In the future

Just a little self-reminder on what I hope to achieve in the future..


  • Open my own Cafe

After realizing the love I have for cooking, I knew that someday I’d want to have my own cafe; a place where I dream to share my cooking with everyone. This is my ultimate goal, something that I plan to achieve before I turn 35, or if possible, earlier.

  • Have Japan being a part of my life, still

I know that after coming back to Malaysia, I won’t be in that environment that I’ve been living in for the past 10 years. I won’t be watching anymore Owarai shows on TV, won’t be marveling at how convenient everything is, and worse, not having the need to speak in Japanese, a language that I’ve learnt and spoken for many years, back home. So, in hope of keeping that part of me alive, I want to somehow keep myself in that environment; or at least something similar to it. I’d like to be involved in as many ways possible, let it be a translator, or a volunteer, something. And I’ll definitely have Japanese used in my cafe :)

  • Be something bigger

Sometimes I see myself being apart something that is big. I see myself changing things for the better. Because I know the world is big and there’s only so much one person can do. I know I have the support that I need to make this come true; a wonderful family and great friends. So I believe I can make these changes.


This list will continue to be added from now on and hopefully I’ll get to cross them out one day :)




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