To those yang nak cuba buat #keropoklekor kat rumah (those yg duduk jepun), here's the recipe:

200g isi ikan (i used ikan saba)
100-120g 上新粉(じょうしんこ) i think this is mcm tpg pulut?
1/2 tsp baking powder
Just mix all together until u get a dough, roll them into small logs and boil them until they come to surface (about 10-15mins or so) cuba potong satu batang and tgk dah rebus/masak sampai dlm ke tak. Then slice nipis2 and goreng.
Before this I used わらびもち punya tpg but I think pakai じょうしんこ lagi sedap.

Do give it a try

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